Service Times


We exist to worship our Creator

When we offer our praise and thanksgiving, God meets us right there in that moment. He nudges our heart and we are filled with the Holy Spirit. Authentic worship reflects the personality of those who gather. At Brunswick we worship at three times each weekend. The same theme, scripture and sermon are presented at each service. While all of our worship draws on the resources of the centuries as well as the technology of today each of those services - Thursday at 7:00pm and Sunday at 8:30 and 11:00am - has it's own distinctive flavor.



Thursday, 7:00pm

As the first service of the week, the rough edges offer a sense of joyful spontaneity that makes this gathering our most organic.  The casual, relaxed atmosphere allows the worshiper to be fully open and able to receive God's Word. An intimate, acoustic-based ensemble leads the congregation in songs of worship. Our Thursday evening worship experience is perfect for those who travel or work on the weekends.

Sunday, 8:30am and 11:00am

Our 8:30am service begins with the transforming sounds of contemporary worship music. The worship band leads the congregation to a place where we can glorify God and lift our blessings and our needs before Him. This worship experience is inclusive. With the accessibility of the Word and an evident sense of community, this service is a welcome place for all who seek a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. Whether you are a new Christian or one who is finding your way back to Him, you are welcome here.

The 11:00 congregation enjoys the majestic resounding sound of organ accompaniment to the great hymns of the church. The poetry and depth of understanding expressed in those hymns give worshipers language to lift their praises to God. A choir leads the congregation in singing and responding to God's mercy and grace. People reared in traditional worship find themselves at home in this service.

We are blessed with dynamic worship. It grows us and stretches our understanding of our God. The distinctives of each worship service helps us to serve our diverse community. Please join us as we worship the transcendent God who is present among his worshipers, delighting in the rich relationship that we are invited to share with Him and with one another.