Sermon Series: Nehemiah: Under Construction

Heaven is a Party

May 18, 2017 - May 21, 2017

Nehemiah 12:27-47

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Henry Kim

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Let’s Have a Party

Nehemiah 12:27-47

I.      Introduction

a.    Celebrations

                i.          Graduations, Weddings, Birthday

b.    Should Churches celebrate too? YES!

                i.          Christians are often bad about celebrating – looking at the next challenge, the opportunity, the next problem, what went wrong

              ii.          Not only should we celebrate, but we NEED to celebrate

1.    We to remember and see what God is doing in our lives

2.    The Resurrection

3.    The Gift of the Holy Spirit

4.    New members and believers in the family through baptism and membership

5.    Great accomplishments – Playground Fundraising

            iii.          So, the important question is how should we celebrate?

1.    Let’s take the celebration in Nehemiah 12 as our model

a.    Rebuilt a 2.5-mile wall, 8-9 feet wide, in 52 days of work

b.    Still planning for the future

c.     But they stopped and celebrated the faithfulness of God

2.    Celebrating in a church should be done with planning, preparation, and prayer and have four specific aspects. There are four components of holy celebration we need to remember.

II.    Purification

a.    Nehemiah 12:30

b.    The Levites prepared for the celebration by starting with purification

                i.          Fasting, prayer, reconciliation with God and other people

c.     We need to work for purification because it sets the foundation for the celebration

                i.          It is entirely too easy to celebrate just to have a fun time. (Let’s party? Why, it’s Thursday!) Celebration for celebration sake loses the purpose of holy celebration.

              ii.          We need to enter our time of celebration with a pure heart, so that we have a pure intent and have pure outcomes

            iii.          Our celebration has to be about what God has done and what we are doing with God

III.  Boldness – Full Heart

a.    Nehemiah gathered the entire people of God

b.    Gathered at the Valley Gate – Middle of the western side of the wall and proceeded to set half to the south with Ezra and half to the north with Nehemiah (Neh. 12:31+)

c.     They did it boldly with full voices (12:43) – woke up the neighbors

IV.  Bragging

a.    Not prideful bragging about ourselves, but we brag on the accomplishment of a task we have done through God

b.    Look at the wall we built with God’s help.

c.     Examples at our church:

                i.          Playground Fund Raiser

              ii.          Getting though five very tough years

            iii.          The worship services done primarily by volunteers

d.    We can “Brag on” God and His faithfulness

                i.          We can brag on how God makes our enemies look foolish

V.    Turn it up to “11”

a.    Kick it up by turning our celebrating into Worship

b.    Do it with enthusiasm

                i.          How did the singer sing? LOUD!

              ii.          How did they sacrifice? With Great sacrifices.

            iii.          How did they rejoice? With GREAT JOY!

c.     They Blew the Roof off the House

VI.  So, how do we do that type of celebration?

a.    First, understand our lostness and the devastation of our lives that Jesus Christ saved us from.

b.    Second, how Jesus clothes us in righteousness so that we not only are right with God the Father, but we are make co-heirs to God’s bounty.

c.     Third, how we are filled with the power and authority that is the same as Jesus’.

d.    Finally, that Jesus calls us to do great and dangerous things for and with him.


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